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IT Systems and Networking

CAS incorporates a broad range of services in the IT desktop, data center and networking arenas. For many years CAS has assisted a number of enterprise scale organizations whose business practices have demanded the latest in available technology, and in some cases worked with manufacturers & suppliers to design products or solutions to client specification. Many solutions and designs have since become commercially viable products, a concept which places CAS in a strong position, maintaining close contact with the IT industry and contributing to next generation technologies.

Whether an organization is considering rolling out a new technology, looking for Return on Investment, revamping an existing infrastructure, building new premises or simply looking at cost cutting initiatives, CAS' proven approach to technical projects ensures timely, driven solutions and deliverables. The CAS IT project methodology is based on the following, proven process:

  • Definition of Requirements
  • Diligent research into suitable technologies & methodologies
  • Controlled specification and management of vendors & project teams
  • Extensive communication mechanisms

CAS' core competency is in managing the development, integration or application of solutions based on true business requirements. CAS endeavors to integrate new technologies into the working environment, supporting the client's existing talent in a management service capacity and providing specific organizational or technical skills as each unique project demands.

CAS' value proposition lies in the application of management techniques backed by experienced technical knowledge. Areas successfully implemented in the IT arena include the following:

  • Business Requirements Studies
  • Cisco LAN Design
  • Voice & Data MAN / WAN Design
  • Application Design
  • Video Conferencing
  • Market Data Services
  • Security Audit
  • Vendor Management
  • IT Operations Process Review
  • Display Systems
  • Satellite & Mobile Communications
  • Messaging Systems
  • Microsoft systems Roll out
  • Application Roll out
  • Program & Project Management
  • Market Research


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