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CAS has an agreed code of conduct for all parties and associates which was established when the firm was established in 1980. This has been developed and enhanced to ensure that:

  • The advice and guidance provided is always verified.
  • A Director of CAS is appointed for the duration of the assignment as the 'mentor' consultant and is totally independent from the CAS team.
  • The mentor acts as the Auditor to the project ensuring:
    • observance of and adherence to the Terms of Reference
    • technical accuracy and feasibility
    • financial accuracy and feasibility, incorporating business planning and investment effectiveness.
  • The project team and the mentor meet on a monthly basis when progress, documentation and 'milestones' are reviewed and a report incorporated in the overall project file.
  • The method of charging for consultancy fees results in the client paying for the specific work carried out rather than the inclusion of management and administrative fees.
  • CAS and its consultants have a long standing association with the UK’s leading independent telecommunications body – the CMA. CAS is the first consultancy company to be granted a corporate membership and adheres to the Code of Conduct for the provision of independent telecommunications and IT consultancy services.
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