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   Bankers Trust Company

CAS has been retained since May 1998 to project manage the provision of a new voice services platform based on British Telecom Meridian systems.

The work has included planning for:

  • a new network numbering scheme
  • the best use of network service providers, network resilience and contingency planning
  • call management systems platform and integration with new systems and networks
  • changeover for MD110 PABX network to Meridian PABX network

CAS has on behalf of Bankers Trust, undertaken the lead project management role, liasing with Bankers Trust communications management, British Telecom and other network providers.
Communications with the market floor at Bankers Trust has been a key issue throughout the planning stages, with the rollout of the new services imminent. CAS has concentrated on ensuring current trading systems are meeting minimal description (dealer boards are IPC, recently upgraded).
CAS has been involved with the Year 2000 project planning across Europe and business continuity project, liasing with many other Bankers Trust departments as required.

CentralspaceLaboratory of the Research Councils

Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (CLRC)

CAS was awarded the consultancy assignment to:

  • assist with the OJEC notice and evaluation of responses
  • prepare specification of requirements for a 3000 line, 4 site PABX network
  • produce evaluation criteria which stands up to OJEC guidelines and conduct the evaluation, supplier presentations etc
  • provide advice in a number of areas such as voice networking, ISDN provision, voicemail and integration of databases
  • prepare for the project management phase and provide necessary support

The main site at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell has provided an opportunity for CAS to apply its experience with campus environments. The site requires for a distributed system along with widely available ISDN at the desk, all of which have been carefully considered during the project to date.
This is a current project at the supplier award phase and CAS has an ongoing involvement with CLRC for the implementation phases.

Cityspaceof Westminster
   City of Westminster

This assignment began in 1994 when CAS was awarded the consultancy assignment to undertake a voice communications review.
The steps taken are as follows:

  • site audits and initial report
  • final report and recommendations for the next steps for the implementation of a replacement voice communications network
  • specification and evaluation process including PABX systems and networks, and managed service options, using OJEC procurement procedures
  • tender analysis including the detailed comparison of procured and managed service options, the Council's decision was to implement a Centrex service from British Telecom

The project management element began three years ago and CAS has completed the rollout of the new service to over 300 sites, from small, two line locations up to the largest site at City Hall, over 1200 extensions. In total the number of extensions exceeds 3500.
The project management phase included:

  • the networking of ISLX, ISDX and FeatureNet during the replacement process
  • co-ordination of all parties to meet the implementation requirements
  • detailed project meetings with British Telecom and local Council site contacts
  • attendance at project board meetings and provision of regular management and project reports

CAS has been retained by the Council to provide:

  • ongoing technical advice as the network develops
  • project management support, for new sites and initiatives

Other projects that CAS has also been involved with include:

The review and design of the council intranet web site. This consisted of reviews both from the business and the technical perspective. Outline of contents, access control and management, design and navigation and integration with existing systems and platforms.

The strategy and design of a replacement LAN and WAN for 14 libraries. The solution was to provide ATM to the desktop. The various elements consisted of:

  • Preparation of specifications, including re cabling to CAT5e parameters
  • Evaluation of solutions and tenders
  • Project management
  • Documentation and provision of operations manual

ThespaceEmployment Service
   The Employment Service

During the eight years CAS has supported the Employment Service (ES) a number of projects have been undertaken, those relevant include:

  • project management of several voice networks in towns across the UK
  • project management of a managed voice service pilot study, which resulted in the roll out of the largest British Telecom FeatureNet 5000/1000 network in the UK (40,000 users)
  • specification and evaluation of a framework agreement to provide telephone systems and cabling schemes
  • structured cabling guidance documentation for various sizes of installations (distributed to over 1200 locations) including procedural arrangements.

Skills transfer duties were included so that ES head office telecomms staff could understand the methods adopted by CAS for future documentation.


 Financial Trading & Consultancy

CAS began this project with a review of existing trading/back office services. From this business orientated information, CAS, together with its strategic networking partners - DP Systems, designed and implemented a new trading floor. The project involved the entire trading environment from an empty, converted listed property, including the specific accommodation issues created by such a building. The facilities included:

  • 50 position Hitachi voice trading and back office system, providing improved communications
  • External and internal infrastructure for NT based local area network
  • Network services connectivity for the voice/data systems
  • External service delivery and installation for Reuters and Bloomberg feeds with satellite backup
  • Supply management for all new and relocated desktop hardware, servers and infrastructure
  • New structured cabling scheme for the trading floor and communications rooms
  • Management of the furniture supply and cabling connections within the desk and at the desktop
  • Power and office infrastructure design and project management

CAS proved its capabilities to organise and implement all aspects of trading floor service delivery.

HillspaceSamuel Asset Management

 Hill Samuel Asset Management

CAS carried out an initial consultancy review of the telephony and network services operation.

A set of recommendations were accepted by HSAM leading to the expansion of the Ericsson MD110 PABX and FS trading system to support the company's growth at the City based head office.

CAS carried out a review of the financial asset management trading requirements and implemented a number of cost saving and quality enhanced services, including:

  • Incoming call answering improvements
  • Changes to analogue private circuits and the greater use of digitally provided channelised private dealer circuits
  • Redeployment of MD110 PABX and FS system line cards and networked circuits

CAS was retained to carry out a facilities management role as the company grew and developed its services.

LondonspaceBorough of Greenwich Council

London Borough of Greenwich Council

Over the last 3 years CAS has carried out a number of separate assignments including:

  • specification of requirements for the replacement of systems on the 22 site ISDX network, covering 3000 extensions
  • voice network planning and application with the use of alternative providers and specific negotiations
  • departmental business reviews including the Housing department, including the requirements for call centre applications
  • investigations into the use of the private CCTV network for voice and data transmission
  • switchboard procedures and analysis for a new operators rota
  • project management support for:
    - the relocation of systems and staff between a large number of sites - numbering plan - network services relocation


CAS has been the approved consultancy for MEHT from the time the Health Authority had overall responsibility. Since this time CAS have advised on many projects including:

  • specification and evaluation of PABX (ISDX) systems and associated network connections
  • centralised operator project including the centralisation of alarms and other key emergency services
  • paging system specification including detailed user requirements identification and production of supporting documentation
  • project management of systems installation and networking connectivity

The number of extensions spread over the hospital sites exceeds 3000.

CAS has an ongoing support relationship with MEHT

NorthspaceEast London Probation Service
   North East London Probation Service

CAS began working with North East London Probation Service (NELPS) 3 years' ago to undertake a telecommunications review. The steps that followed the initial CAS recommendations have been:

  • OJEC specification and evaluation processes
  • Negotiations and discussions with NELPS' senior management and the chosen supplier, Cable and Wireless, to implement a managed service across 17 sites (Centrex)
  • Project management and co-ordination including:
    - initial contract negotiations - planning for the rollout of services to meet NELPS' operational requirements - wayleave planning and implementation - controlling all project meetings and issuing meeting notes - reviews with the supplier for the service level agreement - budget control

The project has not yet been completed and CAS is assisting with the final steps of the rollout that will be followed by workshops with staff to ensure that the best business benefits are realised.

NorthspaceEast Worcestershire College
North East Worcestershire College

This is a current project that is entering the supplier award phase. The assignment required CAS to prepare tender specifications and assist the business plan of the College to ensure Year 2000 compliance.

Relevant functions included:

  • preparing telephone upgrade specifications to allow for Y2K compliance and growth factors
  • specifications of call management and voicemail systems to enhance the management information and marketability of the College
  • evaluation of ITT and assistance in procurement
  • develop good practice guides for the College to allow the College to apply internal strategic polices
  • provide general advice for systems and networking aspects

RedbridgespaceHealthcare NHS Trust

   Redbridge Healthcare NHS Trust

CAS carried out a network and strategy review for providing services to a new Acute Hospital (King George) and the subsequent decanting programme from four other hospitals.
The functions carried out by CAS were:

  • Strategic review and planning
  • Network audit and feasibility
  • Specification, ITT and evaluation
  • Procurement, installation and training
  • Centralisation of operators and alarms
  • Documentation

The equipment chosen were iSDX systems. Other elements included evaluation of alternative network providers (Bell Cable Media and Mercury were selected).


CAS has undertaken a number of assignments for RTRHC over a 10-year period.
The relevant aspects are:

  • current Year 2000 project for all systems at the main hospital sites, health centres and GP practices
  • replacement audit of existing networks and associated services of acute and many GP practices and Health Centres over a number of years
  • project management of new voice communications systems into GPs premises including the specific use of facilities and network applications
  • preparation of network design and equipment specification, together with invitation to tender
  • submission of a report explaining the network design, the equipment, its capabilities and facilities
  • production of a strategy report for both short and long term networking

ThespaceStock Exchange
The Stock Exchange

Over a number of years, CAS has provided various communications services to the Stock Exchange, the key project related areas are:

  • specification, evaluation and project management of the new PABX service which when installed had 800 extensions and grew to around 5,000 (MD110 PABX)
  • project management of a new main exchange (SystemX) for the broking community, replacing the redundant STX service (20,000 lines)
  • development of STX services to the broking community
  • new 250 position dealerboard system for the Stock Exchange market floor used by all member firms
  • management of the Stock Exchange voice and data support services through the big bang period with full testing and setup routines for:
    • dealer board system for the market floor
    • testing of new routes on the SystemX (STX) and MD110 PABX network
  • communications infrastructure and intersite circuits to support the market price services (TOPIC, SEAQ and settlement services systems)
  • delivery of all voice and data desktop services to the 5000 Stock Exchange support staff spread across 14 buildings in the central city area including moves of staff (approx 1000 moves per month)
  • consultancy services to the Stock Exchange wider share ownership and options market department.
  • consultancy services to many broking firms and banking institutions such as J.P. Morgan, UBS, Cazenove, Leman Brothers) for the setting up of dealing floors.

One of the current CAS directors was employed by the Stock Exchange for 5 years and held a senior management position in the information systems division.

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